'For unto me, to live is Christ and to die is gain.' - Philippians 1:21 (KJV)
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Welcome to rkirkpat.net, the web site of, about, and by Ryan Kirkpatrick.

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  • 08/15/2010: Still alive, just been busy with life. I now have a Twitter account if you want to know what I am doing.

  • 05/15/2007: Removed my resume, too many recruiters.

  • 01/22/2004: General updates throughout, also uploaded the EasyScout application.

  • 8/7/2002: Moved the Wildflowers and BC Trails websites from BCN to my (this) server.

  • 4/27/2001: Updated my resume now that I am gainfully employeed.

  • 2/25/2001: Server upgraded to a DEC Alpha XL366, Sparc IPX shifted to backup duties. Will update about page eventually.

  • 11/28/2000: Updated Linux/Alpha patches for PostgreSQL information to reflect new developments.

  • 7/31/2000: Updated my resume, now that I am a college graduate. :)

  • 5/21/2000: Uploaded Linux/Alpha patches for PostgreSQL 7.0 Release to the Software section.

  • 4/16/2000: Uploaded Linux/Alpha patches for PostgreSQL 7.0 Beta5 to the Software section.

  • 4/4/2000: Uploaded Linux/Alpha patches for PostgreSQL 7.0 Betas to the Software section.

  • 3/29/2000: Notes for EEGR4813 and EEGR4823 have been updated in the School section.

  • 2/23/2000: Updated COSC4503 files in the School section.

  • 2/22/2000: Added School section.

  • 1/2/2000: Site overhaul and updated for the first time in too long!
Who Am I? | What Do I Believe? | Lastly...

Who Am I?

Briefly put, I am a God fearing college graduate of LeTourneau University, with a bachelor's of science degree in Computer Science Engineering and Electrical Engineering, as well as an Linux advocate. I am currently working as an Electrical Engineer for Inovonics Wireless and as SysAdmin and Webmaster for Instrument Rental Labs. My home town is Boulder, Colorado, a very interesting and unique place.

I first joined the Internet at the start of my sophomore year in high school, and I have seen it change a great deal over the past several years. My greatest interests is in computers, and all of the interesting and varied things one can do with them, especially when a number of them are connect together. My favorite operation system is Linux, a free implementation of UNIX for the Intel x86 line of processors (PC compatible computers), as well for a number of other architectures. See my links page for where to find more information about Linux. I also assist in running a web site for my college dorm, and for my scout troop. As well, I have written a few search engines that are currently in use on the Internet. One is the Boulder County Trails Database, another is the Wildflowers of Boulder County, and one other is a jobs database for the University of Colorado undergrad lab. Lastly, I am currently the webmaster for Instrument Rental Lab's web site.

I do have other interests besides computers. I like to hike and backpack in the Rocky Mountains. I have been part of Boy Scout Troop 171 since the end of sixth grade, and received my Eagle Scout Rank in December, 1994. The above mentioned Boulder County Trails Database was the service project that I carried out for the Eagle Rank. In what limited free time I have, I enjoy reading quality science fiction and other quality literature. Some of my favorite authors are Issac Asimov, Arthur C. Clarke, Arthur Coylan Doyle, Anne McCaffrey, and Frank E. Peretti. I also enjoy listening music, especially whenever I am working at my computers (which is a lot :). My favorite type of music to Contemporary Christian, and a few of my favorite artists are Rich Mullins, Michael Card, David Meece, and Michael W. Smith.

LeTourneau University, where I attended undergraduate courses, is a small, non-denominational, Christian college in Longview, TX. The city of Longview is a medium sized city, located about halfway between Dallas and Shreveport on I-20. I lived in the on campus dorms, in a living area known unofficially as Dorm4, which is something of a quasi-fraternity if you wanted to call it that. See Dorm4's web site for more information about it. I graduated in May of 2000, with a double major Bachlors of Science degree, in Computer Science & Engineering, and in General Engineering with Electrical Emphasis (have to love official names :).

What Do I Believe?

The bible verse that is at the top of my web page is what one could call my life verse. I have been a Christian since I was very young, and have taken a serious interest in my faith since early in junior high school. I was baptized during my sophomore year in high school at First Presbyterian Church of Boulder, Colorado, which I still regularlly attend.

I take my faith seriously, and it can best be summed up by this:

  • What I believe: That Jesus Christ is the son of God, the one and only God, who created all that was, is, and is to be. That Christ came to earth, was born a man, and died on the cross as a man, so that mankind may be saved from death and destruction. That man was created perfect, BUT fell from this into corruption and death though his own free will. That only through confession of our sinfulness and guilt, and acceptance of Christ's death as payment for those sins can we be saved, brought back from spiritual death, and made one of God's childern. That Christ rose from the dead and ascended into heaven. That Christ is coming back one day to gather His Father's childern and take them to their new home, ever to be with the Father.

  • What I have seen: I have seen God carry me through trials and tribulations of my life. God never promised that I would have an easy life as a Christian, but he did promise that he would be with me through it all. And that he has! It has only been through his power and grace that I have made it this far, and only through his power and grace will I be able to carry on.

  • What is the truth: In this world today, there is an apparent lack of truth, absolute truth. And what has been the result? Moral decay, chaos, fighting, and wars. The lack of absolute truth is destroying our culture, and in order for it to survive, we must re-discover that absolute truth. Or we will join every other major culture as just another entry in a history book as a culture that rose up, was strong, and then fell away...
In my short years alive I have made an observations about being a Christian. It is that we were never promised that life would be boring, and my life has been anything but. Whenever my life begins to get boring and routine, that is when I look out for major changes and surprises. So, as my mother once put it best, "Get a grip, God Wins!".


I invite you to explore the rest of my site and the other related pages listed at the right, and check back to see any updates that I have made (listed at the left). In the future I plan to add more content to this site beyond what is already here, and I promise to make a better effort to update this site more regularly (as in more than once a century :).

I am open to comments, or suggestions for improvement concerning this web site. As well, I would be happy to just hear from any one who visits this web site. Lastly, if you have any computer questions (esp. Linux ones) and can't seem to find answers else where, feel free to ask me. Also, I am open to questions relating to Christianity, though I can't promise you I will know the answer, but I should be able to point you in the right direction to find the answers you seek. You can reach me at webmaster@rkirkpat.net.

May God be with you.

Who Am I? | What Do I Believe? | Lastly...

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